What Happens In “The Back” at the Vet? 

Hey there, pet parents! You know the drill: you bring your fur baby to Lincolnway Veterinary Clinic, we take them to “the back,” and then they reappear all set and good to go. But have you ever wondered what actually happens back there? Today, we’re pulling back the curtain on this enigmatic part of your pet’s vet visit. Trust us, it’s not as mysterious (or scary) as it sounds!




The Initial Triage and Weight Check

Right off the bat, your pet goes through a basic triage process. This means our certified veterinary technicians check vital signs and weight to get a baseline. The weight check isn’t just to see if Fluffy needs to cut back on the treats—it’s crucial for accurate medication dosing.

Diagnostic Tests and Lab Work

Ever wondered why we need urine or blood samples? This is when they’re processed. Whether it’s to screen for parasites or run blood chemistry panels, all of it is diligently done in “the back.” Rest assured, we use state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to get accurate results.

Preparing for Procedures and Treatments

If your pet needs more than just a check-up, this is where we prep for anything from dental cleanings to minor surgeries. Your pet is in capable hands, monitored every step of the way.

Ensuring a Stress-Free Environment for Your Furry Friends

Let’s face it, the vet’s office can be a little stressful for our four-legged friends. That’s why we make sure “the back” is as comfortable as possible. We use pheromone sprays that mimic natural pet odors to create a calming environment. We also have separate exam rooms and offer cat only hours on Tuesday to help feline friends with anxiety and to eliminate unnecessary stress for all pets. In short, we do our best to make it a stress-free zone.

Our Commitment to Transparency and Communication

You might not get to see what happens in “the back,” but we believe in keeping you in the loop. Our veterinary team is committed to explaining every step and answering all your questions. After all, no one knows your pet better than you do, and we value your insights and observations.

When Should Your Pet Visit “The Back”?

Regular wellness checks are a given, but if your pet is acting out of the ordinary, it’s always a good idea to bring them in. It could be something as simple as a dietary issue or as complex as a hidden illness. Either way, our professional veterinary staff is here to help diagnose and treat whatever’s going on.

So, the next time you bring your pet to Lincolnway Veterinary Clinic and they’re whisked away to “the back,” you’ll know they’re in good hands and exactly what’s happening. Interested in setting up an appointment? Give us a call at (574) 256-1871. We’re here to provide the top-notch care your pet deserves.

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