Our Culture of Appreciation, Respect, and Empowerment

Our Culture of Appreciation, Respect, and Empowerment

We do so much more than simply work together here at Lincolnway Veterinary Clinic – we thrive together and continuously strive for improvement in everything we do. We uphold our values of Compassion, Respect, Appreciation, Communication, and Teamwork in a variety of ways, nurturing our team members as professionals as well as individuals with their own unique passions, goals, and ideas.

We also love to have fun, whether that involves learning new things together within the practice or hanging out outside of work for trivia night, bowling, kayaking, or some other activity just because we enjoy each other’s company!

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Being a DVM fresh out of school, I have been given the best support to help me grow. There have been times I have felt like a case was too hard, and Dr. Anderson helped push me to see that I could do it and has helped develop me into a better DVM.

- Dr. Bailey

How We Empower Our Team

We do so many different things, big and small, to help our team feel heard, empowered, and genuinely happy to be here at Lincolnway Veterinary Clinic.

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Gestures of Appreciation

You deserve to be rewarded for your hard work. Our clinic selects an Employee of the Month based on team input, and that team member gets a special gift in thanks. We also cultivate a culture of appreciation and empowerment by inviting team members to write down a compliment (or two) and place them in the other team member’s box. Little words of kindness and encouragement can have a major impact.

When Vet Tech Week rolls around, we like to reward our vet techs (and the rest of the team) with the gift of relaxation. In the past we have had a massage therapist come into the practice to provide a 15-minute massage to anyone interested.

Tackling Stress and Burnout

Burnout, stress, and depression are unfortunately common in the veterinary profession. At Lincolnway, we aim to mitigate these issues by creating opportunities to discuss them openly and find solutions. We do weekly team huddles to talk about problems or situations in the practice that may be causing stress to one or more team members. We also have an open door/open email policy inviting suggestions and ideas. If there is anything you’d like to share with the team, we’d love to hear it!

Team Building Inside and Outside the Practice

Escape rooms, fun personality tests, and monthly spirit days are just a few ways we bond as a team. We love learning about each other, working towards the same goals and having a great time in the process!

Some of our past excursions as a team outside the clinic include bowling, hanging out at a favorite restaurant, kayaking, running 5Ks together, throwing murder mystery parties, trivia nights, and so much more. We get together for these activities because we love spending time with each other.

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On the day I came in for my interview, there was a difficult case that I had never seen before. The DVM on the case gave me guidance and started teaching me in that moment on how they would handle it and what treatment they would use. I saw how well the teamwork was. There is a mindset of cooperation, mentorship, and shared knowledge.

- Dr. Arnold