Cat & Dog Vaccinations  Keep Pets Healthier in Mishawaka, IN

Cat & Dog Vaccinations  Keep Pets Healthier in Mishawaka, IN


A pet’s health is a point of concern for every pet parent, and rightly so. Not only are pets vulnerable to illness, but they also are masters at hiding symptoms until the disease is much more advanced. Cat and dog vaccinations help significantly reduce your pet’s risk of illness altogether by protecting them from some of the more common — and dangerous — diseases. At Lincolnway Veterinary Clinic, we provide Mishawaka, Indiana, pets with the safest vaccines in the industry. Call us at (574) 256-1871 to schedule and appointment today.

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Cat & Dog Vaccines We Offer in Mishawaka

Both cats and dogs require a set of core vaccines to stay healthy, yet some pets may also need additional vaccines based on their lifestyle and level of risk. Our veterinarians will tailor your pet’s vaccination protocol to suit their unique needs. The cat and dog vaccines we offer include:

Rabies – Considered a core vaccine, rabies protects your dog from the viral infection that is common among bats, raccoons, and foxes. Coming into contact with any of these animals puts your dog at risk. Once contracted, the disease is nearly always fatal.

DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus) – The DHPP vaccine for dogs offers protection from four common and dangerous illnesses. DHPP is a core vaccine.

Lyme disease – Our area is a hotbed for ticks, and subsequently, Lyme disease. Dogs who hike often with their owners are most at risk and will benefit from the Lyme vaccine.

Leptospirosis – Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that is spread through the urine of infected animals. It can be contracted by your dog if they drink contaminated water or dig in contaminated soil. The lepto vaccine is only recommended for dogs at risk.

Bordetella – Often required by boarding and grooming facilities, Bordetella (aka “kennel cough”), is an easily spread respiratory infection. While usually not fatal, it can cause serious illness and lasting damage if left untreated. We recommend this vaccine for dogs who are often groomed or boarded.

Canine influenza – Canine influenza is also a common requirement for boarding and grooming facilities. Canine influenza is similar to human flu and very easily contracted. We recommend the canine influenza vaccine for dogs frequently boarded, groomed, or those who often visit dog parks.

Rabies – Even indoor-only cats can come in contact with rabies — an infected bat, rat, or mouse could potentially slip into your house. The rabies vaccine is essential for all cats in order to protect them from this fatal disease.

FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia) – The combination FVRCP vaccine is a core one for cats. It protects from three prevalent and serious diseases.

Feline leukemia – The feline leukemia vaccine is recommended only for outdoor cats who may come in contact with infected feral cats.

Dog Vaccinations Mishawaka, IN

Over-Vaccination Concerns for Pets

The benefits of vaccines far outweigh any risk associated with them, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be cautious. We take over-vaccination concerns seriously and follow best practices to reduce your pet’s risk.

Best practices include:

  • Personalized vaccination protocols for every pet. We take every pet’s lifestyle into account to develop a unique vaccine plan that suits them and gives them only the vaccines they need.
  • 3-year options for certain vaccines. Our canine DHPP and rabies vaccines and our feline FVRCP vaccine are all available as 3-year vaccines in addition to the traditional 1-year vaccines.
  • Titer testing. A possible alternative to pet vaccinations, titer testing measures the antibodies already present in your pet’s immune system. If their antibodies to a certain disease are high enough, we may be able to forego revaccination for a time.