Improving Lives with Dog and Cat Surgery in Mishawaka, IN

Improving Lives with Dog and Cat Surgery in Mishawaka, IN

Despite any apprehension about it, pet surgery often provides extensive benefits that far outweigh the risks. Dog and cat surgery in Mishawaka, IN is a way to significantly improve your pet’s health and well-being. At Lincolnway Veterinary Clinic, we aim to reduce any risk associated with surgery so your pet reaps the most benefits. With our team, your pet will experience skillful care from talented veterinarians and compassionate monitoring from trained technicians. Call us today at (574) 256-1871 to schedule a pet surgery.

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Dog Surgery in Mishawaka, IN

How We Keep Your Pet Safe

Your pet’s safety is our top priority with any procedure. We take several steps to reduce risk, including:

  • Pre-anesthetic bloodwork and exam. A thorough check-up before their procedure makes sure your pet has no underlying conditions that could affect their ability to metabolize the anesthesia.
  • IV catheter. An IV catheter supplies your pet with fluids throughout their procedure and allows us to quickly administer any medications as needed.
  • Vitals monitoring. Our equipment monitors your pet’s heart rate and rhythm, pulse oximetry, body temperature, respiratory rate, and more.
  • Dedicated technician. One of our trained technicians will monitor your pet from the very start of anesthesia until they wake up in recovery.
  • Pain management. There’s no doubt surgery comes with some pain, but we minimize your pet’s discomfort with effective pain medication before, during, and after their surgery.

Pet Surgeries We Perform

At Lincolnway Veterinary Clinic, all our veterinarians perform soft tissue procedures, while Dr. Anderson and Dr. Headley also perform orthopedic procedures. Some of our more common surgeries include:

Soft tissue:

  • Spays/neuters
  • Gastropexy (stapling the stomach to prevent bloat)
  • Mass removals
  • Cystotomies (bladder surgery)
  • Foreign body removal


  • Patella luxation repairs
  • Cranial crucial ligament (CCL) repairs
  • Fracture repair

Post-Operative Recovery

Whether your pet has a routine surgery or a complex procedure, we’ll give you detailed instructions for their post-op recovery. Generally, it’s best for your pet to spend their first 24-48 hours after surgery in a quiet, pet-safe area free of other pets. It’s normal for pets to be a little groggy with little appetite during this period.

Once your pet fully recovers from the anesthesia, they may be ready to play and get back to their routine activities; however, it’s important that you help them resist this urge! A week to ten days of crate rest is needed to ensure their incisions heal and that their sutures don’t tear. If ever you have any questions about your pet’s recovery process, please don’t hesitate to call us at (574) 256-1871!

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