Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Mishawaka, IN

A dog-friendly restaurant is a place that allows dogs indoors, or has outdoor seating for you and your pup. These establishments are often easier to find in temperate climates.

There are some dog-friendly restaurants in Mishawaka, Indiana. You can go to a restaurant like Nedderman’s Steak Place and treat your pup to some prime sirloin tip steak. You may also want to get a good latte at Starbucks, where they have Puppuccino for your four-legged friend.

Whatever you choose, dogs are fun to bring along for the ride. Would you like to see more regarding the best dog-friendly eateries in Mishawaka, Indiana? Check out this fun and pawsome article.


What Are the Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Mishawaka IN?

If you feel like getting a bite to eat and want to take your dog with you, there are some great options in Mishawaka, Indiana. Your pup will love the chance to get out with you, and you can make it a special date with the following dog-friendly restaurants:

Rocky River Tap and Table

The dishes in this restaurant are made with the best locally grown ingredients, like the fresh local field greens used in their salads. Some of the local purveyors involved in making the restaurant as unique and outstanding as it includes:

  • Culver Duck
  • Harrington Amish Noodles
  • Victorian Pantry
  • Yoder Farms

The restaurant offers a great outdoor dining experience, as there is often live music for you and your pup to jam out to. Your dog will enjoy the pet-friendly surroundings, weather permitting.

Doc Pierce’s Restaurant

The restaurant building is an iconic treasure at 120 N. Main Street in downtown Mishawaka. The restaurant has a plethora of dog-friendly tables you can sit and chill with your pup while the two of you share a hearty steak or a juicy cheeseburger. Doc Pierce’s, however, does request that only small dogs join you for your meal, which is the only caveat.


Starbucks’s dog-friendly secret menu consists of just one item: the Puppuccino. It is a popular and well-known secret of dog parents that if you bring your pup through the line at Starbucks, they will get a small sample-size cup of whipped cream to enjoy! Baristas are always eager to please your precious pooch.

There is also typically outdoor seating at Starbucks, and you and your pup can share a nice treat. Dogs get so excited when you bring them to Starbucks because they know exactly what they are getting, much like you! Just remember that coffee is off-limits to your pup!

Nedderman’s Steak Place

Nedderman’s is a family-owned and operated restaurant. They started their business by serving their delicious steak sandwiches at fairs and festivals. In 2011, they opened a drive-through service in Mishawaka. You can give your pup a nibble of prime sirloin tip steak. They will be sure to thank you with a great big wet kiss!


Culver’s is well-known for its butter burgers and fresh frozen custard. Culver’s offers some great outdoor tables alongside for pet parents who are looking to share a meal and a night on the town with their canine companion. Whether your pleasure is a beef pot roast sandwich or North Atlantic cod fillet, there is something for everyone at Culver’s.

Noodles & Company

Noodles & Company has some of the best foods for the avid carb lover including noodle dishes, pasta, salads, soups, potstickers, cheesy garlic bread, and more.

Treat your pup to a small nibble of your mac & cheese, or share a plate of spaghetti and meatballs like Lady & the Tramp as the two of you dine together at one of the eight dog-friendly tables available. Most of the entrées can be made gluten-free.

Caribou Coffee

Caribou coffee is a great dog-friendly place to have a cup of coffee. This coffee shop offers a few outdoor tables to chill with your pup as you sip on a café mocha and enjoy an oven-toasted sandwich or split a delicious muffin with your dog and take in the scenery. There is also a drive-thru window available if you and your pup are in a rush.

Panera Bread ™

Panera Bread is very pet friendly. Many Panera Bread locations have outdoor patios where you and your dog can sit and relax while you enjoy some excellent food. Panera Bread is a great place to have a light lunch or dinner. You can have a nice soup and salad combo or a sandwich on their world-famous bread. Just do not forget to offer a small piece to your pup!

Cold Stone Creamery™

The creamery is a dog-friendly ice cream shop. There are outdoor tables available for you and your pup when you are in the mood for some frozen sweets. Their ice cream, yogurt, and sorbet are even made fresh in the store!

It is a fun place, and your pup will enjoy licking the bit of melted vanilla ice cream at the bottom of your cup. There are several tasty ice cream flavors offered.

Dairy Queen™

Dairy Queen is dog friendly, and they serve frozen treats to its customers. DQ also serves a wide variety of food such as burgers, artisan sandwiches, salads, and more!

With all these choices, Dairy Queen is a great place to get a snack or a small meal. There are certainly enough foods on the menu that you and your pup can share.

Chipotle Mexican Grill™

Chipotle is famous for its convenient service and good food, including burritos, salads, and sofrito. This eatery is a terrific place to get quality Mexican fast food and unwind with your dog. Dogs are allowed at the outdoor tables.

South Bend Chocolate Company

If you have a sweet tooth, South Bend Chocolate Company is your place. It is a great place to get both yummy treats and comfort food, such as a grilled cheese sandwich!

This place has outdoor pet-friendly tables. South Bend Chocolate Company has fabulous chocolate and boxed gifts for your friends and family. Just make sure you do not give your pup any chocolate. You can give them a small bite of your grilled three-cheese, though.


There are some great restaurants to bring your pup to in Mishawaka, Indiana. Try to find a place that has a delicious treat that you and your canine companion can share. If you have any further questions about what foods are safe for your pup, Lincolnway Veterinary Clinic is here at (574) 256-1871!

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