Pet Prolozone Therapy in Mishawaka, IN

Pet Prolozone Therapy in Mishawaka, IN

Prozolone therapy is yet another alternative treatment Dr. Anderson can provide here in our Mishawaka clinic. This therapy offers a non-surgical approach to joint pain relief and the treatment of ligament injuries, and derives from a procedure called prolotherapy. Both involve the injection of substances into a damaged joint to eliminate pain and stimulate healing. While prolozone therapy has seen widespread use in Europe for over 30 years, it has only recently gained traction as a viable treatment in the US. Nonetheless, it has a high rate of success in four-legged patients and very few complications.

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What is Prolozone?

Prolozone therapy is an injectable solution containing ozone, procaine, vitamin B12, and Zeel, an alternative medication. This formula is injected into the joint to help relieve pain and stimulate cartilage regeneration within the joint and its supporting connective tissues.

Ozone in particular is known for its ability to stimulate cytokines, which help to promote tissue repair and regrowth.

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Why Choose Prolozone Therapy?

Prolozone therapy is a minimally-invasive option for improving joint health in pets, and it has a few advantages over prolotherapy, as well.

Overall, we recommend prolozone therapy for the following benefits:

  • Prolozone uses ozone gas and vitamin B12. Ozone gas is antibacterial, which minimizes your pet’s risk of infection.
  • The injection is less painful than the injection given for prolotherapy.
  • The injection does not irritate your pet’s tissues.
  • Prolozone therapy can yield sufficient results in just 3-4 treatments.
  • Many pets do not need any sedation to undergo treatment*

*Mild sedation may be required in some animals, but every patient varies in their response to treatment.

What Types Conditions Can be Treated?

We mainly recommend prolozone therapy for the treatment of damaged knee joints. We commonly use it for:

  • Cruciate ligament tears
  • Meniscus tears
  • Spinal pain
  • Hip and knee pain
  • Pain from scarring

How Safe is Prolozone Therapy for My Pet?

Prolozone therapy is extremely safe. Our integrative veterinarian, Dr. Anderson, has a special interest in a wide range of integrative therapies, with the experience and education to match. Side effects of prolozone therapy are minimal at best, with the potential for mild to moderate discomfort 24-48 hours after treatment. We recommend mild exercise within 48 hours of injection to improve your pet’s treatment response.

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