The Best Dog Parks Near Mishawaka, IN

Taking your dog to the dog park can be an exciting and enjoyable activity for both dogs and their owners in Mishawaka. However, it is important that you find the right dog park for you and your pet. This way you can both be safe while still having fun. Luckily, if you live in or around Mishawaka there are many options for off leash dog parks and other kinds of dog friendly parks nearby. Here we have listed some of the best dog friendly parks in the Mishawaka Indiana area.

In addition to giving you information about the best off leash dog parks and other kinds of dog friendly parks in Mishawaka, we will also explain the benefits of taking your dog to the dog park. We will be giving you some dog park safety tips as well. Let’s get right into it!

What Are The Benefits of Taking Your Dog to the Dog Park

Before we get onto where the best dog friendly parks are around Mishawaka Indiana, it can be helpful to know what some of the benefits of taking your dog to the dog park are.

In addition to providing you with a great place to give your dog some exercise, the dog park can also provide some great opportunities to socialize. Here are the benefits to taking your dog to the dog park.

1. It’s a Great Place To Let Your Dog Run Around

Not everyone has a large backyard that their dog can run around in. In fact, some dog owners do not have a backyard at all. As a result, dog parks can be a great place for dogs to run around and let off some steam. Even if you have a backyard for your dog to play in, going to a dog park can be a fun way to mix things up. Just be sure to check the dog park’s rules before letting your dog off leash.

2.It Can Be Great For Socializing

In addition to providing a great place to exercise your dog, the dog park can be an excellent choice for socializing your dog. It may be a good idea to take your dog to an on leash only dog friendly park before taking your dog to an off leash dog park. In addition, you should always mind weight requirement rules if a dog park has a large dog and a small dog side.

Dogs playing in Mishawaka dog park

Dog Park Safety Tips

It is very important that all dog owners have a couple of dog park safety tips in mind before taking their dog to the dog park. The most important dog park safety tips are to always be watching your dog and to always read and follow the park rules. In addition, you should always clean up after yourself and your dog, and you should be careful to not let any dogs out of the dog park as well.

1. Always Be Watching Your Dog

Anything can happen at the dog park, especially when dogs are on leash. As a result, you should always be near your dog and watching them closely when you are at the dog park. In addition, you should always have one person per dog when visiting these kinds of environments. So, if you have two dogs then you should always take another person with you to the dog park if you want to bring both dogs.

2.Always Clean Up After Your Dog

No one likes to find garbage or dog droppings when visiting the park. Remember to clean up after both yourself and your dog when visiting these kinds of public areas.

3.Be Careful Not To Let Any Other Dogs Out Of The Dog Park

Off leash dog parks are usually fenced in with a double gate system to ensure the visitors safety. As a result you should always be extra careful to not let any dogs out of the dog park when you are leaving or entering.

4.Follow the Park Rules

You should always read and follow the rules that the dog park has. This will not only ensure the safety of other people and dogs, but it will ensure the safety of you and your dog as well.

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The Best Dog Parks in and Near Mishawaka IN

There are many awesome dog parks in and around Mishawaka. Most of the parks are either in Mishawaka or extremely close to it. However, we have also included a couple of noteworthy dog friendly parks that are a bit farther away, but don’t worry, these parks are worth the trip.

Margaret Prickett Dog Park

The Margaret Prickett park in Mishawaka Indiana located at 13108 Jefferson Rd, is a great place for both large and small dog owners to take their pets for a nice afternoon. There is an off leash dog park that is separated into a large and a small dog section. In addition, dogs are allowed to walk around with their owner on leash to the other areas of the park as well.

Niles Ave Bark Park

The Niles Ave Bark Park located at 721 N Niles Ave, is a spacious off leash dog park in South Bend Indiana. Like many other off leash dog parks in the United States, the Niles Ave Dog Park is separated into large and small dog sections.

Nappanee Dog Park

The Nappanee dog park is an off leash dog park located on 1654 Thompson Dr, that has a fenced off section for both large and small dogs. There is a membership fee to use this dog park, and there are options for a yearly membership or a weekly membership. Your dog must be up to date on shots before visiting.

Rum Village Dog Park

Rum Village dog park is a dog friendly park that is located in South Bend. There are trails that are dog friendly, and they also have an off leash dog park. It is important to note that all dogs must be on leash when they are not inside of the off leash dog park section.

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