6 Types of Cat Toys to Make Lazy Cats More Active

Many people have encountered at least one lazy cat in their life. Although lazy cats are cute, they still need at least some exercise to be healthy. Unlike dogs, most cats receive the majority of their exercise through playing with toys rather than things like going for walks or playing at the dog park.

Luckily, there are many interactive toys that are designed to get your not so active cat moving. This large variety of interactive toys makes it so that every cat owner is sure to find at least one toy that will get their lazy cat exercising.

In this article we will be listing all of the best toys to get a lazy cat moving. This will include many different types of cat toys to ensure that every cat can benefit from this list. We will also be explaining what all of the benefits to having cat toys for your cat are and answering some other commonly asked questions about cat toys. Alright, let’s jump right into it!

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Do Indoor Cats Need Toys?

Yes, indoor cats do need toys. This is because indoor cats do not get as much exercise and mental stimulation as outdoor cats do naturally. After all, outdoor cats climb trees and practice their hunting skills. Cat toys get cats moving and thinking both indoors and outdoors.

For indoor cats, it is recommended that you spend around 10 to 15 minutes playing with them several times a day. Playing in short spurts allows the cat to rest when they get too tired, but it also exercises your cat enough to benefit their health and keep them mentally stimulated.

What Toys Do Cats Enjoy Most?

Every cat is different when it comes to what toys they enjoy most. Some cats will prefer playing with cat wands while others may enjoy playing with spring toys more. Due to the wide variety of different types of cat toys, cat owners are sure to find at least one kind of cat toy that is enjoyable to their cat.

The Best Cat Toys To Get A Cat Moving

There are many different types of cat toys that are great at getting cats moving. These cat toys work for both lazy cats and high energy cats alike as they are sure to entertain cats of all energy levels. Here is a list of the best cat toys that are sure to get your not so active cat moving.

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1. Laser Toys

Laser toys are a classic favorite among our feline friends. These toys are designed to create a laser point when the cat owner presses a button. When moved around the room most cats will go to chase this light. Many cats love laser toys, and it is sure to get them moving and tire them out.

2. Cat Wands

Another cat toy classic is the cat wand. Cat wands are enticing to many cats because the movement of them mimics animals like birds and mice, which activates a cat’s hunting instincts. This means that many cats will run and jump after cat wands once they get going, which can be a great outlet for exercising a cat.

3. Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys work to get your cat’s mind moving as they try to figure out how to get a treat or toy out of the puzzle. This does not only provide cats with plenty of mental stimulation, but it also gets cats to exercise as they try to figure out the puzzle. There are many different types of puzzle cat toys out there, so you are sure to find one that entertains your cat.

4. Springs and Balls

Many cats also love chasing and batting around small spring and ball cat toys. This is great for getting not so active cats going because these toys tend to trigger cats to chase the toys across the room. These toys can be little springs, little balls, and small stuffed cat toys. Many cat owners use little bells as well.

5. Tunnels

Some cats also enjoy running through tunnels. These tunnels can vary in shape, color, and size. Some cat tunnels may have special features included in them as well such as attached cat toys and extra attachments. Beware though, some lazy cats may use these tunnels as just another resting spot.

6. Track Toys

Track toys are yet another cat toy that gets cats moving. Track toys work by creating a way for cats to bat small balls around a track. These tracks can be in a sort of tower or in a flat, circular track. No matter what shape the cat track toy is, your cat is sure to love batting the balls around the track toy.

What Toys Are Good For A Bored Cat bored cat mishawaka in

All of the toys on our list above are great options for entertaining a bored cat. This is especially true of those toys that are particularly mentally stimulating like laser toys, cat wands, puzzle toys, and small springs and balls. In addition to this, many cats are entertained for hours playing with cat track toys.

How Many Toys Do Cats Need?

Although it is a good idea to have a wide variety of cat toys for your cat, you do not necessarily want to lay out a ton of cat toys for your cat. This is because having too many cat toys around poses the risk of overwhelming your cat, which may lead to the cat not playing with any of them.

It is recommended that you have around five toys laid out for your cat, and these should be different types of toys. This will provide enough variety for your cat to be entertained, but this amount of toys should not overwhelm your cat. It is also a good idea to cycle through different cat toys periodically. This will keep  the cat toys interesting for your cat without you having to go buy new cat toys all of the time.


There a wide variety of cat toys on the market to get your cat more active, both physically and mentally. Although cats are traditionally more independent, it is still important to play with your cat multiple times per day for 10-15 minutes. This will not only make your cat more active, but will also grow the bond between you and your feline friend.

Do you have any further questions or concerns regarding cat toys or your cat’s behavior? Reach out to Lincolnway Veterinary Clinic in Mishawaka at (574) 256-1871 or make an appointment online!

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